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Our Services

Office Recycling Programs:

1- Recycling services: 

We ensure that your recyclables are taken to recycling factories and ensure close loop services- mention types of recycling. 


2- Reporting: 

We believe in the importance of integrating sustainability to the managerial level, therefore our sustainability reports will help you set sustainability as a strategic goal and enable you to evidence your environmental impact.

3- Awareness: 

We have a consultancy team ready to design and develop customized content regarding awareness campaigns & workshops (offline and online) targeting different sectors/audiences. 

4- Naqaa Sustainability dashboard:

Our clients can monitor their live sustainability performance on our dashboard helping to better evaluate their progress.


Corporate Sustainability Programs:

Naqaa Solutions partners with its clients to implement environmental sustainability projects addressed to the community or various stakeholders in a way multiplying their impact.

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Case Studies:

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