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The leading Recycling Solutions Provider in Saudi

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About Naqaa Solutions

Naqaa Solutions is a Saudi company est. 2011 to help companies in Saudi Arabia take steps towards sustainable circularity.

Whether international, local, public or in the private sector, Naqaa Solutions can provide its customized products and services
as it did for over 200 companies in Saudi.

We create and maintain the recycling system and help you better optimize, understand and manage your recyclables to reach zero waste to landfill.


Recycling and Sustainability Solutions

Our Products and Services

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Recycling Bins

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Reverse Vending Machines


Office Recycling Programs


Corporate Sustainability Programs

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We value quality,
transparency and

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A local movement toward
SDG 12 responsible

consumption and production

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270+ Semi-Public and Private
Recycling stations established

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