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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there existing recycling factories in Saudi?

There are recycling factories across Saudi that recycle office waste such as paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans and electronic waste.

Will be there any collection for the recyclables after we dispose them in the recycling bins?

Naqaa Solutions ensures that regular collection of the collected recyclables take place to close the loop and make sure that the waste doesn’t end up in landfills.

What is the final product from recycling our waste?

The collected recyclables get into a process of preparing it to raw materials that can be used in manufacturing numerous number of final products likes egg trays packages and some types of napkins, pallets …etc.

Why are we trying to recycling our waste?

We recycle for many reasons but mostly because our waste will be going directly to landfills around our cities so we simply recycle to prevent the accumulation for the waste in the environment. Other reasons include; the economic value that can be generated from waste if recycled and the need to abide by the environmental regulations being developed in Saudi.

What can we recycle exactly?

90% of all waste produced in your office can be recycled and that includes all paper and most of the plastic consumed around you.

Do we need to segregate the plastic caps from the water plastic bottles?

No need for that at this point, just dispose all plastics in its designated bins and do the same with the paper

What do we mean when saying reducing the waste?

Recycling is one of the last resorts when implementing sustainability, not to produce unnecessary waste by minding the consumptions is more preferable

Can you explain the recycling process?

In simple terms; recycling means the extension of the life of the materials used around us by treating them into raw materials so they can be used again.

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